walking on water,
flying over mountains,
no plane just me,
(just me)

You don’t know,
until you try,
that’s why every time,
I try and touch the sky,

How do you know
where your going?
if you dare not take a step,
it might be in the wrong direction,
well then,
jump back to the right path,

your life is yours to live,
you can dance the night away,
or dare not get on the dance floor,
you can love a life that is not your own,
or live that life,
And love who you are,

you don’t know your wrong,
until you take a step,
it’s just a small,
leap of faith,

so walk,

I can’t watch you,
sit in a corner,
for the rest of your life,
I dare you to move!
I dare you to live,
outside your shell!

I am not telling you,
to follow me,
or follow my ways,
I am asking you,
to take a step,
who knows,
you might love it.


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