My Mistake

Look here,
look good,
tomorrow I’m gone,
and you think that,
your hate will change that?
I am going to change,
whether you approve or not,
I am going to be different,
because that’s what I need,
you are just holding me back,
let me go,
(let me go)

I have made mistakes,
but now I learn from them,
you are not what I need,
I need to get away,
I can’t change with you as my temptation,
I need to walk away and grow,

I am not going to take your lies anymore,
even the lie that you loved me,
I am moving on,
I don’t care what you will say,
or what you will get others to say,
because I love my friends,
not you,

All I know now,
is that you’re a pathetic lair,
I can’t say I wish I never met you,
because the mistake I made,
I will learn from,
will you?


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