Why I Weep for Humanity

 It’s that feeling that comes,
when the world is very wrong,
to love and to hate,
is the way it seems to work,
we may give our money away,
but does that make us better?
we still have done so much wrong,
yet our past sins,
seems to have never been forgotten.

there are rules I put in place,
yet are broken day by day,
we seem to have forgotten,
who we really are,
as our masks become our reality,
and we are forever taken away.

the more we look to find,
the less we seem to have,
we trouble our selves,
over nothing,
for an answer,
we know that we can’t find.

I weep,
and over again,
the jerks are still there,
the good still dies,
to rebuild we need to be broken,
we are broken,
we are broken,
and we will die,
but have we lived?

Our pity selfish lives,
have we lived?
our broken ways,
have we lived?
our greed grows,
our angered hearts,
our false passion burns,

Is this what you call life?
Is this what you call life?
even though we’ve done good,
we’ve done so much wrong,
we are still black,

Every one dies,
yet we try to be immortal,
but have some of us,
really lived?
do we do right
and not be scared of our fate?
are you afraid of death?
are you afraid of life?

What are you afraid of?
what are you afraid of?
in time it will go away,
are you living a life you love?
people say your life can flash before you,
does it look great?
well if not change your ways.


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