Do we Stand in the Middle Ground?

In life we have a choice between right and wrong, we have so many choices and there are so many sides to the choices we make. We always believe that we are doing right, but who decides what is right and wrong? Right is white and black is wrong do we stand in that middle area? that grey shade that feels so out of our reach. We make judgements about anything without even know who that person is and what that even was. We always guess that I am right and they are wrong… it’s just being human.

People gave their life for this world I see people waste their life when each life is a gift, the human race could have been wiped out right now… yet it doesn’t sink in we are the gift. I found a quote that I love from Kung Fu Panda “tomorrow’s a mystery… yesterday was history and todays is a gift that is why it is called the present” I love it because it’s true. Today is a gift each one of our lives is gift we invented weapons of mass destruction, we have written our own fate… Death.

Eventually the human race will most likely die… unless we start going Star Trek, until then we are under the timer. I believe the sad truth that our world will die eventually.


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