Do We Stand in the Middle Ground?- Poem

Do we stand in the middle ground?
that awkward shade of grey,
we’ve been trying to see the light,
although it’s only darkness,
it’s closer
it’s closer
the darkness is inside of me,
look in my eyes,
look in my eyes,
all that you can see,
is the darkness,
and red hot anger and rage,
it’s boiling my heart,
it’s boiling my heart through,
where is the light?

It’s been there all along,
just hidden in the darkness,
it’s kept me alive,
it’s never left me,
it’s kept me alive,
I just want to see it through,
to ask,
why the light let go?
it said,
“to let you know that,
I am still here,
I let go to help know,
I won’t leave your side,
through the darkness,
through the joy,
I will be there,
when the world come to an end,
I will be there,
right beside you,
right to the end of time.”


One thought on “Do We Stand in the Middle Ground?- Poem

  1. Hey Factualistics, I enjoyed reading your last couple of blogs. You are a very talented writer. Your writing is thought provoking and filled with emotion. Keep the blogs coming. They make me think. DK

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