Why are Schools “brainwashing” our Children? : Fact, Fiction, or Propaganda

Here is a link to the Maclean’s article http://www2.macleans.ca/2012/10/31/why-are-schools-brainwashing-our-children/ .

Is this article true? As a child in school it is sort of true, because there are rebellious kids and kids that follow the rules 100%. There are side effects of choosing either side, the stricter schools get, the more kids will want to break the rules. The school’s aren’t really teaching us independence, it’s more group work and that’s nice for when we work because we need social skills. There won’t always be some one pulling us back from the edge though. What I mean by that is there won’t always be some one to look out for us as we get older.

The question I first thought after reading this article was, who gets to choose what is and what isn’t appropriate for the students? parents or teachers? Once students get into older grades maybe they can choose as well. How would we fix that problem? In Ontario (Canada) we have enough problems as it is, the schools could be closed as staff can go on strike very soon.

Back to the article, I think that we are putting to hard of tasks on young students, this is because right now those wouldn’t be hard, but it was when I was in those grades. I wished that they wouldn’t give us tasks out of our reach.

Students need to come up to the teacher and say respectfully, “this is too hard can you bend the rules and give us things that are challenging, but that we can complete” Same for if things the students feel are inappropriate for them.

What do you think about this article? Leave a comment.


One thought on “Why are Schools “brainwashing” our Children? : Fact, Fiction, or Propaganda

  1. I like your statement about things given out before you were capable of handling it. This is where the brainwashing comes in because issues are presented before the minds are capable of understanding and thus the ideas can be planted in the wrong ways if that is what they want to do, then the children are forced into one line of thought.

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