Popularity is it Everything?

Why is there such fight over popularity, maybe it’s because of how they show popular girls in movies? I always say that I don’t care whether or not that I am popular as long as I have a friend, but does it makes sense? Do I really care? Something that I am learning to get better at is taking criticism, but why? Why shouldn’t people just except me for me.I get the criticism on my writing and things, but about me. REALLY come on at least Hollywood portrays the popular girls as the stuck up, spoiled kids that expect to get everything their way, but is life really like that? I have seen the popular kids as spoiled, but also not. What I see now is that the popular girls are like the ones in the movies. The popular girls now-a-days are less intelligent and prey on criticizing the weak, to make them self feel good. They don’t even know that they are being the bully!

People say that we dream of a world without popularity, pride, prejudice, and without hate. Is that goal in the realm of possibility? I don’t think so because until some one invents mind control we all have free will. (at least the last time I checked, lol.) I just don’t see popularity as everything because you don’t need to get your approval from others, just your self. Remember that always and just be your self, because you are a gift.


3 thoughts on “Popularity is it Everything?

  1. Hey factualistics, some really interesting thoughts here. I’m not sure which topic to comment on because you’ve raised so many issues. I love how you spend a lot to time thinking about big ideas though. That will keep me following your blog for a long time. DK

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