Is Kony 2012 Fact, Fiction, or Propaganda?

Please note that all the numbers and facts come from official websites only!!We watched the Kony 2012 official video, and the videos that followed including the “exclusive” interview (using After watching them all at first I felt confused… sorry I still am confused even after all the time I spent researching, and trying to figure out what was fact, fiction, and propaganda.

 Once the Kony 2012 video stopped some of my class mates were saying were do we get the starter kits over and over again. Once we finished watching the “talking head” videos there was silence. Then my teacher asked “now how do you feel about Kony 2012 and the invisible children?” The best answer we could think of was “it definitely makes you think twice about donating.”

 I started by asking questions like:

Who is this Kony guy?

Why is this the first I have heard about him and the LRA?

Is this a good use of the American soldiers?

What more can Kony 2012 do?

 I have been trying to find the answers to those questions, for some the answer relies on opinion, and for the others the answer relies on fact.

 There are a few things I would like to point out about the Invisible Children, they are based in Uganda even though Kony left in 2006. Why aren’t they saying that they will be helping the surrounding countries that are currently being affected by Kony and the LRA. What is happening to all the donations now? 

 They also advertise more for their merchandise than donations. Would you trust and organization that says buy, buy, buy, or please donate?

think that because they are a new organization and all, they grew too fast. They went from small to huge. Part their budget is 15.9% goes to media and 3.2% goes to fundraising. I take it that they are getting so much money that there are fine with that number of money. The fact is that only 30% of the money that they make goes to the children.

The “exclusive” interview gave a mixed message at first it said he was innocent, then it said that he was guilty again even though there is no physical evidence beside witnesses. He said in Kony 2012 that he had known the boy for almost ten years then why didn’t he start the Invisible children 10 years ago.

Why is it so hard to find what is fact, fiction, and propaganda in all of this.

 As about now you are probably thinking that I am against the Invisible Children yes I am sort of. You see I believe in ending poverty, child soldiers, and human trafficking. I do not believe in the way that they are choosing to end it.

 Personally I believe that the Kony 2012 video was great and all, but I still cannot trust my money the Invisible Children with all this skepticism, and the fact that they are a for profit organization. When there are so many other organizations that are completely trust worthy.

 My Kony 2012 Poem

I wrote this poem because it is some thing that comes to me and it is one of the ways that I get my word out that people listen to.

 With all this going on with Kony 2012 I feel like I struggling for air,

trying to find the truth,

hoping to find it, 

though this black water pulling me down,

from the air of truth,

the feeling that on man can do this,

it is worst known to man,

why is there still all this in the world,

that none of us see it,

so we believe that ever place is like it is here,

but sadly there is still hate and war in this world.


Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Is Kony 2012 Fact, Fiction, or Propaganda?

  1. This is an interesting topic. Thanks for taking the time to discuss multiple points of view. I really enjoyed how you incorporated “fact” into your analysis of a confusing issue. It seems to me like it may be more difficult to give money away intelligently, than to make it. Keep writing! I enjoy your thoughts! DK

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