Who we are

Everyone’s running,
no one’s walking,
Everyone’s faking,
no ones real,
Everyone’s hating,
no ones loving,

we are all trying to find,
this one thing,
we can’t seem to find it,
because we aren’t patient,
we are trying to be adults,
even though we are kids,
we want everything now,
not later,

we are the generation,
that is the laziest people,
we take in information,
but can’t apply it to anything,
we are taught that money is everything,
and it’s not.

This is not who I am,
but this is how the most of you will live,
who are we?
who are you?



walking on water,
flying over mountains,
no plane just me,
(just me)

You don’t know,
until you try,
that’s why every time,
I try and touch the sky,

How do you know
where your going?
if you dare not take a step,
it might be in the wrong direction,
well then,
jump back to the right path,

your life is yours to live,
you can dance the night away,
or dare not get on the dance floor,
you can love a life that is not your own,
or live that life,
And love who you are,

you don’t know your wrong,
until you take a step,
it’s just a small,
leap of faith,

so walk,

I can’t watch you,
sit in a corner,
for the rest of your life,
I dare you to move!
I dare you to live,
outside your shell!

I am not telling you,
to follow me,
or follow my ways,
I am asking you,
to take a step,
who knows,
you might love it.

My Mistake

Look here,
look good,
tomorrow I’m gone,
and you think that,
your hate will change that?
I am going to change,
whether you approve or not,
I am going to be different,
because that’s what I need,
you are just holding me back,
let me go,
(let me go)

I have made mistakes,
but now I learn from them,
you are not what I need,
I need to get away,
I can’t change with you as my temptation,
I need to walk away and grow,

I am not going to take your lies anymore,
even the lie that you loved me,
I am moving on,
I don’t care what you will say,
or what you will get others to say,
because I love my friends,
not you,

All I know now,
is that you’re a pathetic lair,
I can’t say I wish I never met you,
because the mistake I made,
I will learn from,
will you?

2 Peter 1:21

“For prophecy never had it’s origin in
the will of man, but men spoke from
God as they were carried along by
the Holy Spirit” 2 Peter 1:21

I love this quote because I recently faced failure and I was left wondering why? I was having trouble believing it that I failed, and was wondering why he let me fail when I thought it was what he wanted me to do. I had left it up to God whether I was to pass or to fail, but I tried my best. He shut the door, but I couldn’t understand why. I read this over and over again and I understood that he shut the door for a reason. I don’t know the reason yet, but I have to trust him. Failure doesn’t define you, it’s what you do with it that defines you.


Walking or Stopping?

I’m walking in this world,
wondering where to go,
I just tried and fell,
now I don’t know what to do,

I’m standing here,
wondering where I’m meant to go,

without the crazy,
without something to do,
I feel all alone,
and not moving on,

I wonder where,
this road goes,
I don’t feel like I’m moving,
yet alone moving forward,

I hope that I can start to move on,
but first I have to know why?
I am here for a reason,
and a little failure,
will follow me,
as long as I am walking,
the failure falls behind.

The Sun Back In Me

 I am a tree,
you are are the wind,
you carry my leaves,
you give me the temptation,
of running far,
but I am rooted here,
rooted here,
with you,

sometimes I feel,
like the winters come,
my leaves go red,
and they shed,
shed away,
the winters cold,
and I start to freeze,

now that your back,
back here with me,
I feel the summer come,
and I melt and I’m warm,
because you’ve brought the sun back,
in me,
(the sun back  in me)

How To Be You

no one has the rule book,
on how to be you,
we search,
and we try to find,
the missing pages,
we’ve seen some written,
by the world,

oh remember,
no one can tell you,
who you are,
these words that are written,
their not fully yours,
then they’re no use,
then they’re use,
and I want you…

this world,
it’s burned me,
it’s shaped me,
it’s moved me,
but there’s something I control,
and it’s me
(and it’s me)